Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alpha Chi Omega

I did something I didn't think I would ever do. 
I joined a sorority.

Let's go back to the beginning.
When I started college, I went to UNC-Greensboro.  I didn't like college at all.  I don't think it was UNCG - I just didn't like college (I told you I have adjustment and transitional issues).  So I didn't try to get involved at all, but I knew what sororities we had IN CASE I ever broke down and decided to join one.  I had a friend who was in one, and I had decided that if I did join, I would join Chi Omega or Alpha Chi Omega. 

Well I left UNCG and came to High Point University.
HPU did not have Chi Omega or Alpha Chi Omega.  They had four other great sororities, but if my heart was set on something else, I didn't want to join another one if my heart wasn't fully in it.  That was my reasoning.  Also, I have never lived on campus at HPU, and I thought it would be weird for me to join a sorority as a commuter (idk, that was just my reasoning haha).  Besides, I had a job (sometimes two) and church and other activities I was involved in, and I just didn't have time.

It wasn't until this past August when I really started wishing I had joined a sorority.  Being the nostaglic super senior that I am, I started to get emotional about my last year at HPU and wanting to get more involved.  I decided I would rush in the spring, my LAST semester. Yeah, weird but okay.

Well I was looking at the Greek Life part of the HPU website and I came across something:
Alpha Chi Omega (coming Spring 2012)

I was shocked at first.  Then excited.  Then I thought, "Of COURSE. How ironic that we get the sorority I wanted during my LAST semester in college" (when I should have graduated last year anyway).  Clearly, this was for me.  It was meant to happen. 

I immediately emailed the girl whose contact info was posted, and got a quick response.  By the end of the night, I decided that January couldn't come soon enough.

I couldn't see any reason not to do it.  Founding a sorority chapter seemed really fun to me.  We got a new chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma two years ago, and I knew girls who had been founding members of that organization and said it was a wonderful experience.

So here were the pros of Alpha Chi Omega's new chapter at HPU:
- I probably would've joined at UNCG anyway.
-I will have founding member status.
-As a founding member, I can help make the rules. 
-My dad always told me, "Be a leader, not a follower."
-It won't matter that I'm a senior because it will be different than joining a chapter that's already been established on campus. 
-I can't work in the spring anyway because I will be student teaching, so I will have time to devote to AXO.
-What better way to leave my mark on HPU as I'm headed out??

After doing more research on AXO, I found even more reasons why I wanted to join (I'll mention those in another entry :). 

Since that day, I've been getting pumped for A Chi O and talking to our wonderful chapter advisor, Jennifer.  Two weekends ago we started our whole process and I joined! It's been fun so far.  I kind of wish I wasn't graduating now, but five years in undergrad is plenty, haha.  I wish I had more time in AXO at HPU, but I'm so glad I waited for it.  And I feel like I appreciate it a lot more right now than I would have as a freshman (with the attitude I had freshman year, ha). 

I have made new friends, and one of my education department buddies who is also a senior (Kacie) was given a bid and joined last night!! I'm so excited for the rest of this semester :)

So there you have it.  The story of why I joined (founded) a sorority in my last semester of college.


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  1. Ahh, such a cute story!

    I'm actually a half-legacy (I think?) to Alpha Chi Omega. (My aunt was an Alpha Chi, so I'm pretty sure I'm right?) (: Maybe, maybe not. Either way, she loved being an Alpha Chi!

    Loved your post! As a rising college freshman, I'm considering joining a sorority as well. Very insightful! (: