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What a Weekend

This weekend has been crazy! Friday was "Senior Skip Day" at Ledford (where I student teach), so we had like three students all day, since English IV is all seniors.  After school, I hurried to HPU for dance rehearsal, got all sweaty, and then hurried home to get ready and pack for Disciple Now 2012.

Once Ashley and I finally got to the church for the weekend and sat down to our delicious (free) meal, I got really excited about the weekend.  Disciple Now is somewhat of a youth retreat, where the middle and high schoolers stay at homes of church members and students from Liberty University come, along with an awesome speaker, and we have events and services all weekend.  It's always a very powerful weekend, and I was excited that it was Ashley's first DNow, since she's in sixth grade (I was more excited than she was, but she ended up loving it haha).

Our Friday night service went well, and our speaker, Jody Jennings, was great.  When we got to our host home (I was with sixth and seventh grade girls), I found out that two girls from Liberty were staying with us.  I made friends with them quickly - they are so cool!! We had lots in common.  :)

(more pictures to come!)

Saturday morning we all got up and our host mother had made the most wonderful breakfast, so we scarfed that down, had our quiet time, and headed back to the church for another great service!

After that and pictures (love the pictures every year haha), I headed home to get ready for our AXΩ tea party at the O'Henry hotel in Greensboro. It was so much fun to be dainty (or try to be, for me at least haha) and bond!

After an important Target run and some relaxing time, Ashley and I headed back to the church and had scrumptious fried chicken, etc.  Following that was a very powerful service.  The Saturday night candlelight service is always great.  AND WE SANG "OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD." I kept thinking on Friday and Saturday night, "I wanna sing 'Our God is an Awesome God'" but I feel like we don't sing that as much as we should, and that is one of my absolute favorite worship songs.  It gives me goosebumps! When the band started playing it, I got so happy!!

This morning, we ended the weekend on a strong note, and then I went straight to AXΩ chapter meeting.  Very nervously, I ran for VP Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation and VP Philanthropy.  I had prepared both speeches, but wasn't sure which one I wanted more.  It wasn't until the actual meeting today that I realized how much I wanted VP Ritual.  That position deals with teaching the history of our sorority and establishing and carrying out traditions, special days, etc.  All day after the meeting, I was hoping to get the position, because this is my ONE chance at an executive board position since I'm graduating in May.

After the meeting, about 12 or so of us went to The Point (on campus) for lunch.  We had some GREAT conversation and I found out how much I have in common with these girls! It was so much fun.

As I was driving home, it started to snow!! I got really excited, and didn't know why.  Usually I hate snow.  I'm a warm weather girl.  But there's just something about the first little snow flurry of the season...

THEN I GOT TO TAKE A NAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I had forgotten what a nap was, obv.)

The nap was so nice.  Napping in a warm bed next to the window and watching the little white flakes.  Yessss.

THEN I went to dance rehearsal and that was pretty fun.  On the way back, trekking through the snow, Kacie texted me and said "Congrats on ritual!!"

YAY!!!!!!!!!! I got it!!!

I'm so happy! I feel like the position is perfect for me, and I hope I'm right! I can't wait to get started.  I'm stoked to be a part of the very first executive board and hold the first VP Ritual position for our chapter!

So now I'm at home, excited and content.  I have some free time and I think I'm about to watch a movie with Zach :)

This is probably my favorite version of this song:



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