Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Weekend

It was such a nice weekend.  Friday night, I was able to go eat with my family (minus my brother) at my favorite place, J&S, since I don't work on Fridays anymore.  Later, since it was Family Weekend at High Point, Zach and I took Ashley to the arcade in the University Center, and she went crazy.  (I'll take her back again even when it's not Family Weekend because she loved it so much haha.)  It was so adorable.  She was running from game to game, and took like 12 sheets of pictures in the photo booth.  The ones she took by herself are HILARIOUS.  It was a whole lot of fun.

Saturday, I worked at Libby Hill til 4.  I can honestly say, I really look forward to and appreciate working there a whole lot more than I already did, now that I only work there one day a week, and have such a busy schedule now.  It's nice to kind of slow down.  You wouldn't think a job would help me relax, but it does!

Saturday night, Zach, Alex, Ashley and I went to the HPU basketball game.  What a game.  It was SO close and ended up going in to overtime, and High Point won! Yay!

We went to eat at Ham's (interesting experience...won't go into that haha), and Jason, my brother, and Katie met us there.  Then went back to the arcade to play some games. 

Sunday I went to church, and then my AXO meeting (more about that later!).  Then I went home and spent an hour on the computer.  Let me tell you, this was a BIG deal to me.  With my new super busy schedule, I hardly ever have time to get on here and just look at Facebook or blog or whatever.  It was really really nice to just relax for a little while.  That's what Sunday afternoons should be for, after all!

After I chilled for a while, Ashley and I went to WalMart to get more ribbon to make bows.  WalMart on Super Bowl Sunday - craaazy!

We grabbed some food from Panda Express and headed over to Alex's to watch the game!!  Zach, Jason, and some other friends were there, and it was fun! We were all pulling for the Giants, so we were all happy with the outcome. 

Even though I had homework, I was too sleepy to get up off my caboose and go home to do it, so we stayed and watched The Voice afterward.  I don't regret my decision. 

So it was a wonderful weekend.  Those are the times that I live for :)

What did you do for Super Bowl Sunday?


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