Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First App Game as a Student

f o o t b a l l    s e a s o n !
Last Saturday, I got to go to my first Appalachian football game as an Appalachian student.
We were really worried it would rain, because that's what the weather reports had been saying. So I was kind of bummed (okay, really bummed), but still determined to go, but at the same time kind of dreading sitting in the rain.
But we (me, Ashley, and Zach) left High Point anyway, even though the sky looked daunting, and headed to Hickory to fetch Alex and then head to Boone.
I was worried because we were late, and we didn't know what the weather would be like, and even more worried when we saw masses of people leaving the stadium when we finally got there at half time, but when we rode by the stadium and I saw the all of the people still sitting in their seats - a sea of black and gold - all of my worries faded. The feeling I got was just indescribable. My worry quickly changed to complete awe as I saw the bright lights and heard the roar of the crowd as the "Marching Mountaineers" came out, and the announcer's voice boomed all over the mountainside.
And once we found seats and got situated, I just felt like I was where I belonged. It was amazing. The music, the colors, the crowd, the company - it was all so awesome.
There wasn't a drop of rain in the sky, and it was nice and cool, but not cold. Just enough for a jacket, but I was comfortable in my shorts. I loved every minute of it.
And then we realized that somehow this was the first college football game that Ashley had been to... So it was pretty special!
And best of all, Appalachian won against Montana!
What a great night.


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  1. App games are the best!! I am counting down the days until I get to go to one this fall! Clayton and I have even thrown around the idea of moving back to Boone to live.. we miss it so much!