Friday, September 7, 2012

Just a Fun Day (& more!)

Well, I would've written this blog sooner, but for some reason I couldn't get blogger to work.
Anyway, on Tuesday, I had one of the most relaxing days I've had in a while.
What did I do?
All day. 
First I went to Carter Brother's for lunch with Jennifer.  We don't get to hang out that often, so it was really good to get to catch up with her.  After lunch, we went to Friendly Shopping Center.  All that needs to be said about that is that we share a love for shopping and finding good deals, and some GREAT deals were found on that trip :) It was also a nice bonding time for us, haha.
After that, I met up with Brooke at Hobby Lobby, and we drooled over the overwhelming abundance of Christmas decorations.  Hobby Lobby is so wonderful and overwhelming and great.  And of course, Brooke and I also share that love of shopping and finding good deals.

My favorite thing I picked up that day, though, was at Hobby Lobby.  As a graduation gift, Zach had my diploma framed, and Brooke and I picked it up.

(Of course I picked out the frame. Can't you tell?)
It was a rainy, cloudy sort of day - the best kind of day for shopping, in my opinion. There's just something about shopping for hours on a cloudy day with a great friend...
And as a disclaimer, it's NOT all about the material aspect of shopping. It's just something I like to do! Especially with good company.
And after my long day of shopping, Zach asked if I wanted to go to J&S with him and his parents.
DUH I wanted to go. J&S is my favorite!!
That was a great day.
[[Also this week I got to spend quality time with two of my other friends, Leanna and Alex.  I joined Leanna in the HPU radio room as she did her campus radio show on Wednesday from 12-2 (one of my old time slots!!!!! so many memories! haha). It was so good to see and catch up with her!
And last night I had an adventure at Buffalo Wild Wings with Alex and stayed with her and her adorable dog Bailey in her apartment in Hickory. Lots of bonding this week!]]
TOMORROW I'm selling some of my artwork and PORT SOUTHERN stuff at a festival in Archdale. I'll let you know how it goes!

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