Thursday, January 31, 2013

Break Highlights

This is, in no particular order (at all), the rest of my Christmas break...after Christmas.

Day after Christmas: Shopping and J&S
My sister and I hit up the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale. You pretty much HAVE to go the day after Christmas to get what you want because it goes fast. We got a bunch of good stuff.

I also used the Belk gift card that Zach gave me. I got things I had wanted for a while, but had promised myself I wouldn't cave and spend money on. Perfect that I got a gift card!
 One of the items was a Lilly Bloom bag - they are not only super cute, but also made of recycled water bottles. I think that's SWELL :)

Chanelle, Ashley, and I ate at my favorite place - J&S! It was so delicious.

Later, my mom, Ashley, and I went back to Belk's and got the perfect pants. You can read about them here:


Youtube videos
We (my friends and I) thought it would be fun to record ourselves doing the Wobble, lip-synching NSYNC, and imitating Blue's Clues and put these videos on Youtube. I will not post links here. Too embarrassing ;)
We also watched lots of Youtube videos and laughed at them.
Youtube is great.

Carmen's house til wee hours of morning
Carmen's is a great place to hang out til about 4am, and we did a lot of that.
 Chanelle found a "truth or dare" app on Carmen's phone. It was hilarious. The questions for truth were like "Do you have a crush on anyone?" And the dares were things like "Talk in a British accent next time you order food at a restaurant."

Carmen's house also served as a great place to have in-depth girl talks. I like those. A lot.
Karaoke (sang "Toxic" by Britney with a country boy, Kacie, and Carmen). Talking with friends. Saw a couple get engaged at Ham's. Rang in Alex's birthday at Ham's.
Movies with Granny and Ashley
Ashley and I have a New Year's Eve/Day tradition where we go and see a movie on either day. This year we went on New Year's Day and took Granny! We saw Hotel Transylvania at the dollar theatre.
Afterward, we hit up Krispy Kreme and got free doughnuts and coffee with coupons. It was so special! I love times like those.

Celebrated Alex's birthday. Alex, Carmen, Melissa, Chanelle and I. I love dancing. I love music. I love friends. I love Steak n Shake. #LOVE
Hotel hoppin'
I've always wanted to just sit in a hotel lobby and chill with my friends. You know, for something different to do. Sooo we FINALLY tried that! Carmen, Sarah, Chanelle, and I went to just about every hotel on Wendover and just checked out the insides. We actually sat in the lobby of one for a while, then things got awkward when the manager got a clue that we weren't paying customers. So we headed over to the Embassy Suites to sit and drink hot tea and play Truth or Dare for a while. But not before doing
the Wobble
in the Fatz Cafe parking lot. It was empty, and I'm sure that anyone that saw us was either
a) too much in shock to even call us out
b) very amused.

The Wobble is our dance of choice now. And forever will be.
Ashley W., my brother, sister, and I found a freakin PIG in the Panera parking lot! Michael captured it after chasing it around for a bit and it almost getting hit by a car. He rolled it up in my yoga mat and put it in my front floorboard. We were headed to the farm to take it back home, but poor little piggy got scared and started biting at my brother, so he just opened the car door and let it out. At an intersection.
Weird things tend to happen to us.

Honeygirl and her cone
Honeygirl got sick and one thing led to another, and she ended up being a cone head for a little while. But the most adorable one ever!

late night talk at CD
So Carolina's Diner is the best place to have a late-night, in-depth conversation. Since it's open 24/7, Sarum, Chanelle, Zach and I got to sit and talk for about 3 or 4 hours in a cozy booth. We talked about God and being witnesses and testimonies and how we can serve God and others better.
It was amazing, and we are all so blessed. I loved that night.
Mt Airy twice
One Saturday, Rebecca, Ashley, Sarah, and I went to Mt. Airy. I love Mt. Airy. It's a little town. It's Southern. It's quaint. It's cute. We had a great time. And as I blogged about before, a man bought our meal at the Snappy Lunch because he heard Ashley say the blessing before we ate.
We shopped and watched TV in the Holiday Inn Express lobby.

Then one Sunday, Zach and I went to Mt. Airy. We shopped and then stopped in at a tiny Baptist church for the evening service. The people were so super friendly, and it was a very sweet service. I like to go to little churches like that because they may be small, but God is most definitely there. Everyone was so welcoming, and it was so comfortable. I loved every minute of it.
We also ate at my Mt. Airy seafood spot - The Mayflower.

One Direction quizzes
In teen magazines. In Harris Teeter. Chanelle. Ashley. Enough said.
first time in an airport
I took Chanelle to the airport to catch her flight back to LA, and that was the first time I'd ever been in an airport... Lame, I know! Sorry.
But it was cool. Just like on TV and in movies.
We sat in rocking chairs and talked.
New Year's Eve was karaoke at Ham's, stopping by the church party, and toasting the New Year with sparkling cider at Granny's with Zach, Ashley, Sarah, and Chanelle.
Lots of fun :)

gorgeous sunset one day :)


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