Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just a September Afternoon in Boone

This afternoon I took a break from work and walked to downtown Boone.  I figure I should do that while the weather is still nice enough to do so!
It's so cool to live in a little college town. It's something I've always been fascinated by - little college town life.  Granted, I wouldn't trade anything in the world for my years at HPU, but it's so nice to experience college life in a totally different way.
So walking downtown, I decided to pop into some antique stores. It's like 75 degrees and all the stores downtown have their doors open and it's just so perfect to be in an antique store and feel a breeze coming in through the door and travel back in time for a bit with songs like
"Brown Eyed Girl" playing while you peruse through vintage items.
((And is it okay to say that I just LOVE seeing elderly people in Boone?????))
It used to be that when I thought of Appalachian, I thought of my mom going here, which made me think of the 1970s and what I imagine they would've been like. So I've always associated this place with the past, and in a lot of ways it is the past. Many of the buildings on campus are old, and I love that.
It just has a college-y feel.
And despite all of the obligations I have, it was nice to take a little while to just walk through these breezy stores with all of their links to the past and for a little bit, just forget about all the other things I have to do.
(unfortunately my phone died before I got to all the really good stuff)

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