Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monday at a Glance

The Mondays til the end of the school year are dwindling.
Today I searched "Monday motivation" for my classes' warm-ups and this one caught my eye:
Hahaha..... definitely an accurate #CurrentMood for this morning!!
Today was the first Monday in like 14 weeks that we haven't had our LIFE group, since that's over now. So I was a little sad, but I got to hang out with some cool people at Starbucks, see a hilarious movie (HOT PURSUIT, y'all! I recommend it!), work out, and see Granny.
And cuddle with Emmadore <3

There's an excitement or something in the air... I can't describe it really. I tweeted that I have a weird feeling that life is about to get weird... that change is coming. I'm not sure. But that's how it feels. And I usually HATE change, but right now I'm ready to embrace it.
This morning I was thinking about the fantastic weekend I had. So memorable and sweet and special. I have to post about it later.
But now my brother is home for like a week and he's a college graduate and other friends have graduated and moved back within the past few days and summer break is so soon and there's something in the atmosphere. It's more than just the excitement of this time of year.
I feel like God is about to do something.........

We will see!

Happpppppy Monday!

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