Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was relaxing. After school on Thursday, Ashland and I met Jessica to get our nails done. I've always pretty much just painted my own nails, but Ashland and Jessica introduced me to this nail place I'd never been to before, and now it's become sort of a social thing for us. Besides, it's nice to get a gel manicure and not have to mess with my nails for at least two weeks.

That night, I went to Granny's and painted her nails and we had coffee. Then I met up with Margaret and my brother and others to start celebrating Margaret's birthday. We all had a great time at Hams, talking and playing Uno (hahah).
Saturday was Ashley's dance recital and she killed it as usual.
I absolutely love dance recitals. I grew up on them, and I still cry at every one I go to. Especially this one, because there was a daddy-daughter dance. I lost it. My brother laughed at me LOL.

Sunday was crazy. Church, lunch to celebrate my brother's graduation, cake for my brother's birthday (because we didn't get around to it last month with busy schedules), and then off to celebrate Margaret's birthday!

It was a busy and great weekend and here it is in pictures:


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