Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's a Beautiful Morning

I love Fridays.  I love having 8 a.m. English class most semesters on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  This is because that's usually my only class on Fridays, which means I can get a lot done and enjoy my Friday until it's time to go to work. 

Up until the past few days, I had been really depressed about summer ending and fall coming.  Although fall had been my favorite season since I was a little kid, the past few summers have been so amazing that I've fallen more and more in love with summer and everything about it.  So when September came this year, I got pretty sad.  September is always a fairly dull and uneventful month anyway, and it's there for that awkward transition from summer to fall.  This September was the worst I've known, probably.  But usually the day that October comes, everything turns right back around.  This year has been no exception. 

This morning I left class around 9.  It was such a gorgeous morning.  I was instantly reminded of how much and why I've always loved fall.  Everything about this morning was perfect.  I read my Bible and did my devotional and then headed to Barnes & Noble to look around.  I decided that I would spend a couple hours by myself, just doing some random things that I usually don't have time to do.  It may sound weird, but I really enjoy doing certain things by myself.  It gives me time to think and fully take in my surroundings.  So at Barnes & Noble, I leafed through some interesting books (I've always especially enjoyed biographies of classic Hollywood actresses, so I found some of those).  I looked over the clearance section and found a really cool book by Kathie Lee Gifford (love her!) and it was only $5 so I bought it.

I had to go to my grandma's house to check on it since it's empty now, and I thought of the countless Fridays I had driven there after class to pick her up to go shopping or to go eat or to the Farmer's Market.  Fridays were our days.  It was just so peculiar and sad to be at her house on a Friday morning all alone.  The beauty of the sun's rays and her lush green yard provided an extremely ironic contrast to the heaviness  and confusion I felt.  I sat in the driveway for a few minutes and journaled a bit.  I think it's really important to write down thoughts and emotions while they're fresh, so that's what I'm trying to do more recently.  I think it really helps.  Never underestimate the power of good ol' pen and paper. 

Sitting there in the driveway, seeing her car in the carport, I half expected her to come to the door like she always did.  I thought to myself, "I'd give anything to be able to hang out with her today."  I saw her roses growing in the yard.  She loved roses the most, and maybe they were there for me to see that her work will live on on this Earth, and represent the eternal life that she's been experiencing for the past two weeks.

I left there before I got into a really sad mood, and headed to Hobby Lobby to get some ribbon.  My friend Ale couldn't be more right when she refers to Hobby Lobby as the "crackhouse" haha.  I love crafting so much, and I've always been a sucker for all things seasonal.  Hobby Lobby is so overwhelming to me.  I enjoy making my own jewelry and other things because I think that makes it a whole lot more meaningful, and it's also really cool to learn how to make things and have fun in the process.  So I bought some pink and orange and blue ribbon, and I wanted to look around some more, but I knew I'd be there for too long if I did!

I went to Kohl's as well, and being the bargain hunter that I am, I found some adorable starfish earrings that had been pretty expensive but were now pretty cheap, and a couple other pieces that were on major clearance, and with my $10 gift card, I got three things that would've otherwise added up to like $60.  How exciting!

I went home and took Honeygirl for a walk.  The weather was just too perfect not to.  I also finished the anchor earrings that I've been working on (pictures will be up later).  All this, plus eating lunch and going to take care of Zach's dogs (since he and his family are at Disney World) before I had to be at work at 3.  And after I got off tonight, I went back to hang out with the dogs some more.  So adorable.
So obviously I had a great morning.  Friday mornings are great anyway, but a Friday morning in October is simply magical.  I'm excited for fall now, and I'm so thankful that the littlest things in life can be so enjoyable!

Song of the day...perfect!

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