Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday Adventure

Today (Sunday), my friend Katie and I headed to Mt. Airy to watch a Civil War reenactment.  The drive to Mt. Airy is so beautiful.  I love the beach the most, but you just can't beat the mountains in the fall.  It was nice and cool, but not cold, so that was good.  It's gonna take me a while to get used to cooler weather, though. 

Anyway, we made it to Mt. Airy, but couldn't find the reenactment, and the lady at the visitor's center was super rude to us about it, so we just decided to go shopping.  After calling my dad and getting directions, we drove to the Virginia state line (second Sunday in a row we've gone to VA haha) because it turns out the reenactment is actually a few miles out of Mt. Airy, right on the VA border.  Well, we still couldn't find it, so we just went to this cute restaurant called the Mayflower and had some delicious seafood (as if I don't eat enough of that already). 

Our day didn't go completely as planned, but it was still nice.  It was good to get away from HP for a few hours.  A nice Sunday getaway.  I really love the old-time feel of Mt. Airy and how quaint and adorable it is.  Oh! And I FINALLY learned how to parallel was kind of a "I have to learn how to do this right now because cars are coming and we're gonna get hit if I don't" situation, and Katie taught me how REAL FAST.  It was like an epiphany hahah.  You learn something new every day. 

I thought about my grandma a lot while we were up there.  She loved the mountains and small towns and fall, and when we drove into Virginia, I thought about last Sunday and how we had come there to lay her earthly body to rest.  I took a picture of Pilot Mountain, and if she was still here, I'd show it to her, but I know that even the beauty that surrounded me today could never surpass the beauty that she is surrounded by in Heaven right now.

And here's my song of the day:
I've been reallllly into my Elvis country cd lately...perfect for fall driving :)

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