Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas: Week THREE

So I'm REALLY behind on blogging...things got crazy in Christmas chaos.  I wrote a lot of this earlier, but now I'm adding things as I remember them.  I remember watching Christmas movies at night but I don't remember which nights haha. So here is what I remember from week three. The highlights :)

Sunday, December 11
-Church in the morning
-Lunch with Zach & his family
-Ice skating in downtown Greensboro with Katie and Ashley!! It was so much fun.  I definitely wanna go again.  Once we got the hang of it, we got going a little faster...but me and Katie couldn't quite master the art of skating backwards like Ashley did haha
-Christmas program at church with Alex and Ashley.  Loved the music.  It was beautiful.
-Then we went shopping at Belk's...taking advantage of their extended Christmas hours!
-Went home and attempted to work on homework... haha

Monday, December 12
-Worked in the costume shop for a few hours.
-Had Kepley's for supper with Zach!! Mmmmmm

Tuesday, December 13
-Exam in the morning...presentations to be exact. STRESSS!!
-Hobby Lobby with Blair and Brooke
-Went to see Flash at her house in Wallburg - recovering from her surgery.  Got 2 hot dogs at Sheetz in Wallburg (I think it's kind of a big deal that they have a Sheetz now).  The hot dogs were DELICIOUS and I enjoyed the nice country drive and listening to Christmas music.
-Went home and my mom had brought pizza home...so I ate some more and then felt sick.
-Ashley's first band concert at the middle school!!!!!!!!!! She has first seat in the flute section.  It was so sweet.  I loved going back and seeing SW Middle school and fondly remembering my days there haha

 Some of us at the band concert

Wednesday, December 14
-Last day of my ed. technology class / presentations
-Worked in the costume shop by myself and listened to Christmas music :)
-Lunch on campus / last minute cramming for my American Humor exam with Zach
-After my exam, I went straight to Sweet Shoppe Bakery and got a box full of Christmas treats to celebrate the end of finals week. Sweet Shoppe is less than a minute from High Point University, and right across the street from the school (Wesleyan Academy) I attended for elementary and part of middle school. My mom would take me and my brother to Sweet Shoppe at least once a week when she picked us up from Wesleyan.  (It's kind of weird to attend a college that basically shares a campus with your elementary school, right??) ANYWAY, Sweet Shoppe is a very memorable and happy place for me, and since I love constants, I love Sweet Shoppe.  Not to mention the fact that their treats are the most delicious things I've ever tasted.
-Church that night

my box of Christmas treats!!!

Thursday, December 15
-I'm drawing a blank...I'll remember later

Friday, December 16
-Got to spend another day with little Sophie! We went to meet up with the class my mom was subbing in - first graders. They were on a field trip and had lunch at McDonald's so we went there.
-Zach's grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary! It was so sweet. It was at their church.
-Went to see Chanelle...she came home for Christmas!

 passed out after a day of fun
at the anniversary party :)

Saturday, December 17
-Went shopping with Alex, Chanelle, and Ashley. It was good to have a girls' night and catch up! Later we went to Steak n Shake :)



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