Friday, December 2, 2011

Top 25 Christmas Songs!!! (because I couldn't pick just 10 or 15)

Okay, so now that it is officially December (YAY!), I decided that I am going to try to blog every day about a different Christmas-related topic, memory, activity, etc.

I decided to kick off the month with a list of my top 25 Christmas songs! It was hard to pick just 25, but I think I have it pretty well narrowed down.  And since there are 25, there's a song for each day until Christmas :) So here we go!!!!

25. Santa Claus is Back in Town - Elvis Presley. Enough said.

24. Holly Jolly Christmas - Nothing beats Burl Ives' version. Pure classic.

23. Joy to the World - always been one of my favorites, don't care who sings it.

22.  Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys.  Such a fun song! When I taught dance, my little girls did a dance to it, and I do that dance in my head every time I hear it now.

21.  There's a New Kid in Town - George Strait / Keith Whitley.  A sweet, sweet, touching song with some country twang.

20.  Home for the Holidays - Perry Como / The Carpenters. Gives you that warm feeling.

19.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - NSYNC.  Me and my friends have this one on lock. 

18.  Let it Snow - Jessica Simpson does the best version, hands down.  So sassy!

17.  Deck the Halls - SheDaisy's version really brings it to life!

16.  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - I like Rascal Flatts' rendition.

15.  Christmas in Dixie - Alabama.  My favorite part is when they mention Graceland, of course ;)

14.  Children's Christmas Song - Diana Ross & The Supremes.  So cute and catchy!

13.  This Christmas - Ruben Studdard.  That cool R&B feel.

12.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - I have to say, Sammy Kershaw has the most awesome version.

11.  All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey. DUH. Used to be my ringtone.

10.  Someday at Christmas - Stevie Wonder. World peace, is that too hard to ask for? I've been in love with this song since 8th grade.

9.  Do You Hear What I Hear - I looove Whitney Houston's rendition.

8.  If I Get Home on Christmas Day - Elvis Presley. Showcases his voice perfectly. Obsessed.

7.  Don't Save it All for Christmas Day - Clay Aiken / Celine Dion.  A beautiful song with a great message.

6.  Mary Did You Know - I have always looooved this song.  I think Jessica Simpson and Clay Aiken have the coolest versions.

5.  Carol of the Bells - Jessica Simpson KILLS it.

4.  Hark the Herald Angels Sing - I'm sorry, Jessica wins this one too.  Her version is so soulful and Gospel-sounding!

3.  Silent Night - The Temptations win the award for this one.

2.  O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - My absolute favorite Christmas songs are the solemn, serious, deep, old, hauntingly beautiful, traditional Christmas hymns that pierce the soul and glorify God.  Because that's what Christmas music is really supposed to do.  Not trying to be corny, but that's what this song does hahah.  And the best version, I think, is Jessica Simpson's.  Go figure. 

1.  What Child is This - See description for #2.

0.  Blue Christmas - Okay, so I said 25.  I CAN'T JUST PICK 25!! Elvis's "Blue Christmas" is a classic.  I don't even know how to describe it.  It kinda does make me sad now, though, since this is the first year that I can really feel like the lyrics apply to my life.  I miss my grandma :(

But enough of that; it's an awesome song!!!

And guess what? I have one more.

My all-time favorite Christmas song is...

O Come All Ye Faithful - I just love, love, love this song. I feel like Elvis's version is the most reverent and majestic version.  It. Is. Amazing. (There is a version of it that has both Elvis and Olivia Newton-John in it, and it's pretty sweet too!!)

So there you have it, my top 27 favorite Christmas songs.  Of course, I could've added like 27 more, but yeah...

I'll leave you with my all-time favorite:
Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more Christmas fun :)



  1. I love all country Christmas songs, but especially Christmas in Dixie by Alabama! The other versions are just not as good! Great list! I'm downloading the children's song now!

  2. Christmas music is my favorite.. so glad i stumbled upon your blog

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  3. Such a great list! I absolutly love Christmas music!