Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tis the Season: Christmas, Week Two

Continuing my Christmas highlights...

Amidst loads of schoolwork, I managed to do fun Christmas things during week two.

Sunday, December 4th
-Church in the morning
-Auditions for the spring dance concert at school
-Went shopping at Belk's for a little while by myself (did I mention I love shopping alone?)
-Got my sister and we went shopping at Target. I got a red fleece jacket for $10 (later had it monogrammed)
-Did homework with Alex

Monday, December 5
-I worked that night.  Met Zach at the tree lot after work to get the tiny Christmas tree for my room.  Picked out the smallest, most adorable one.  We drank hot chocolate and rode around and looked at lights for a little while :)
-Went back to my house and decorated my little tree.


Tuesday, December 6
-Worked in the costume shop in the morning to get theatre hours. I love the costume shop.
-Had "Christmas Dinner" in the caf with Ashley B.
-Libraried it up with Ashley

Wednesday, December 7
-Lessons & Carols at school
-HPU/Wake Forest game with Blair and Zach
-Zach and I went to see Granny
-My family and I went to see my mom's friend (Flash) in the hospital after her surgery. Long story short, she is now cancer free!! :)

Thursday, December 8
-GRE!!!! So fun! (not)
                                              ...well kinda.
-Lunch with my mom, brother, and Zach.
-That night, I decorated my trash can...


Friday, December 9
-Spent the day with Zach's tiny cousin Sophie. Took her to the mall for lunch and to see Santa! SHE'S SO CUTE.

 Sophie in my sunglasses :)

-Carriage ride at school - horse and buggy style. So neat!
-Worked the rest of the day
-Painted my nails very festively (picture will be in another blog coming soon!!)
-Worked on homework. fun Friday night!! haha

Saturday, December 10
-Ran errands/shopped by myself after work
-Went to my grandma's empty house and just sat and thought (I'm not weird, I promise!!!! Honestly, I love going over there and looking at everything.  Even though she's gone, I feel close to her around all of her stuff.  And especially here at Christmas time, I think that's good for me.  I love old stuff and looking through pictures and thinking about all the things that happened in my family before I was born.  I love looking through my grandma's jewelry.  I guess it's all mine now, but I'd feel weird taking it all...idk.)
-Met my parents and sister for dinner at Kepley's (one of the BEST restaurants in High Point. Been here since the 40s.  My mom worked there when she was like 16.)
-We went to get our family Christmas tree. A little late, but whatever.
-Alex, Ashley, and I rode around and looked at lights, and then ate at Carolina's Diner (another great food place).

*This day was cool because I almost felt like I was in a time warp the whole day, if that makes any sense? Maybe I'm weird, but I'd LOVE to live in the 50s, 60s, or early 70s, and hearing oldies at work all day, hanging out at my grandma's house, then eating at Kepley's and Carolina's Diner...I kinda felt like I was close to that time period.  Can anyone else relate to me on that??? I feel like that's weird hahah

So that was week two, and week three is coming soon!!

What fun activities are you all doing as Christmas draws near?



  1. Cute post! Love that you decorated your trashcan!

  2. You have been one busy girl!! Cute trash can! Sophie is too cute!!