Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MoTD: 14th Birthday

Since today is my birthday (woohoo), I'm looking back on my birthday ten years ago.
It feels weird saying "ten years ago." I'm getting old.
Anyway, on my 14th birthday, I woke up and put on a pink, green, and burgundy striped turtleneck, jeans, brown Skechers, and a lime green bead bracelet.  Before I left for school, I watched some of Princess Diaries with Ashley and my mom gave me one of my birthday presents - a stuffed "Marie" (from Aristocats) from the Disney store.  Its collar said "October" and it had a pink stone around its neck.
At Southwest Middle School, we had some kind of testing that day, so it was a chill day - the day before report cards.  I remember watching a movie about Vietnam in Mr. Hairston's language arts class and wanting to go to Asia.  I ate lunch with my friends.  Lunch time was the best.  We had sooo much fun laughing til we cried every single day at the simplest things.
After school, my mom picked me up and when we got home, I watched Princess Diaries with Ashley (She was three years old and on a Princess Diaries kick. She used to watch the same movie over and over all day. Usually 4x a day). Then we went to Carter Brothers (me, Mama, Ashley, Granny, and Michael. Daddy was out of town). SO YUMMY. Carter Brothers has always been one of my favorite restaurants.
When we got home, I opened my gifts. I got a silver heart charm bracelet and other great things, but the very best thing was my very first Elvis cd!!!!
The cd was "Elvis Number Ones." I had wanted it for one reason - to find a song I'd heard on the radio and fell in love with (but didn't know the name) two months before. I wasn't an Elvis fan by any means...........yet.
But that night I became an Elvis fan. I found my mystery song - #29 on the cd. BURNING LOVE. I listened to it over and over and over in my room that night and decided it was my favorite song. It has been my favorite song ever since. And I have loved Elvis ever since.

My 14th birthday was definitely one of the best birthdays I've had. When I think back on that birthday, I think about simplicity and happiness. I've always wanted my birthday to be like that - filled with the people I love and enjoying the things I love. It was a VERY special day :)
Do you have a particular birthday that stands out to you??

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  1. What sweet memories! I love any birthdays that involve friends and family!