Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Little Things

I've gotten some little, cute things over the past few weeks.  I just love finding great deals, and after spending a little too much money (UGH) on stuff lately, it's nice to find little things that don't cost much.  The little things in life are what make us happiest, after all (even though the BEST things are completely FREE!)
Anyway, I got this adorable jack-o-lantern rug for my bathroom for $2.50 at Target...

And Belk's had a great sale, so my sister and I got Kim Rogers watches - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! They look expensive, but we got both for $30. I got a white one and Ashley got rose gold.

This morning, my friend Shannon showed me these REALLY cool indie/vintage/trash-to-treasure stores in downtown Kernersville, and I found these amazing guitar pick earrings I just had to have for $9.

And best of all, yesterday at Barnes & Noble, I found this awesome bookmark.  I was feeling down, and it immediately made me feel better when I saw it, and I needed a bookmark anyway. $4. I love it!

What little things have you found lately?

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  1. I love all those kind of stores... vintage, indie and thriftie!
    I started following you!
    You are welcome to follow me back, I sell beautiful high-end quality recycled & new fashion! (anthropologie, free people, 7forallmankind,etc)

    Abi K