Monday, August 31, 2015

Hocus Focus & Black Pearl

Two years ago today, I adopted the Black Pearl. I had just moved back to Boone for my last semester of grad school, and at the time I was driving a silver Focus that I absolutely hated at first. It was hard to go from the sturdy Jeep Grand Cherokee that I used to romp in the mud with in high school and early college to a little lightweight Ford Focus. I was used to being high up and having an Infinity Gold sound system and having four wheel drive (I think my Myspace bio still says something about four wheel drive being essential to life 😂).  

My first year in Boone, my mom and I traded cars and I drove her Escape to the mountains and she took the Focus. My dad was actually at the Ford place getting a new car when I spotted the Black Pearl. I wasn't looking for a new car -- but it certainly would be nice to have my own car that would make it up the mountain, because the Focus would always die on the way up, which is why my mom and I traded 😂😂😂. 

So we were there, while my dad was signing papers for his car, and I saw the black beauty and walked across the parking lot to look at it. I had decided a while before that that I really liked my mom's Escape and wanted one of those for my next car, whenever that would be. But I didn't have a plan of when I'd start looking for one, really. 

It just happened. :)

I realized it was a Mercury Mariner, which was even snazzier! And it had a sunroof like I'd always wanted. And OH MY GOSH, SIRIUS RADIO. ... And "leather" seats. And four wheel drive. I was shocked. That's exactly what I wanted when I started looking, but I wasn't even looking and here it was! I just stumbled upon it, so to speak. 

Long story short, I bought the Black Pearl two days later. After two more fun nights with my beloved Focus, which I'd grown pretty fond of, for all the memories that it held for me over those past 2.5 years. I cried when I emptied it out, but the first time I drove to Boone in the Black Pearl was MAGICAL. 

I knew the day I saw her (it was a Thursday) that I would call her the Black Pearl if I bought her (and that I would smack a giant yellow glitter monogram on the back glass. GO APPS!). Obv my blog name is Sweet Southern Pearl (from the song "Carolina Girls") and pearls represent Alpha Chi Omega, and I just have always loved pearls in general, mostly thanks to my late grandmother. 

Me and Ashley blasted early 2000s hip hop on the way to and from Yum Yums to meet my brother and parents that next night in the Focus, and I drove her to Hangups for a shopping spree (whoops) the next day, and those were my last memories in her! 

I've had the Black Pearl for two years today and the memories I've made in her are COUNTLESS and so, SO precious. I often say I'm keeping her forever. I've put SO many miles on her, but if her little engine ever goes out, we will drop a new one in and keep going. 

I feel like sometimes the best things come when we least expect them... 
or when we aren't looking so hard... 





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  1. She's a beauty!!! I felt the same way when I bought Matilda!