Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I just found this and realized I never published it.

I started this post in mid-June. it was right before school got out for the summer.

All I had on here were the pictures. So I'm gonna take a guess at what I was going to write about them. 
Here goes.

So apparently two of my gel nails peeled off and I thought it was necessary to share with the world that I put glitter polish on those two nails so they wouldn't be bare.
(I was at work when I took this picture. Getting so much done, obviously.)

Emotions were running high. That day, one of my students wrote this on my board:

I chilled with Emery. I went to Bath and Body Works and *accidentally* bought a lot of stuff in summer scents to kick off the upcoming break.

This stuff is LIFE though:

And I believe this is the last outfit snap I took in the Andrews staff bathroom:

Funny --- today --- a month and a half later, I went to Andrews and got the last of my stuff to move out. I left my classroom empty and it was very bittersweet.


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  1. If I had a high school aged kid, I would want them to have you as a teacher!