Sunday, August 23, 2015

Where There Was Pain...

This verse always gives me chills:

The Lord doesn't promise us a pain-free life, but what He does promise is that He will provide comfort in our pain. And like a mother going through the pain of childbirth, the pain in our lives gives way to rebirth and joy and new beginnings.

I can think of so many examples of this in my own life - dark situations that I had to go through until the "groanings" gave way to something wonderful and different.
The one at the forefront of my mind today, though, is my little cousin Connor. I got to spend some quality time with him today, and I love that kid. 
Connor was born right before my uncle Kenneth passed away last year. Kenneth battled with cancer, and it goes without saying that my family experienced some very dark days during that time. No one could ever, ever replace Kenneth. Not in a million years. But besides the comfort of knowing we will see him again one day, there was also the joy that came with a new baby being born into the family. A new little life - not to replace the one that was lost, but to provide a light in some gloomy days - to remind us all that God won't allow us to experience pain without also allowing something new to be born. 

I needed that reminder today.

"Where it was dark now there's light
Where there was pain now there's joy."


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  1. Sometimes in our darkest moments come the brightest light. We just have to choose to see it.