Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April First!

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but life got busy.
(Okay, okay I got lazy and played April Fools jokes instead of blogging.)
I was excited, though, for a nice, warm day. The day after Easter, the first day of April. APRIL FOOLS DAY! Haha
I see April first as the real start to spring. I always love the first day of the month because it signifies a new beginning to me.
I'm excited about April. I think it's gonna be a great month. I'm stoked about new things I'm going to try and unveiling something BIG that I've been working on :)
I'm excited about going to the beach this week and substituting a lot this month to make some money.
I'm excited about warmer weather, baseball games, sandals, and dresses.
 Happy April!!
How's this for motivation? If you think about it figuratively and apply it to any tough situation in life, it really is!!

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