Wednesday, June 5, 2013

California Love (Part 4): DODGERS GAME

Three weeks ago today I went to my first Major League Baseball game!
After seeing Mariah Carey tape her medley for the American Idol finale, we checked to see what inning the Dodgers were in, and decided to hurry over to the game from downtown.
When we got there, it was like the 6th inning.
So we got in for free!
I love going to baseball games, so this was awesome for me!!
We had a great time. We got to try the famous Dodger Dogs (foot-long hot dogs on regular length buns haha) and watch the remainder of the game from club seats.
We didn't find out til after the fact that Scotty McCreery had been there with his dad, since they were in town for the American Idol finale the next night.
After the game, we went into the Dodgers shop and got souvenirs.  I got a super cute shirt. :)
Dodgers Stadium is gorgeous with all the palm trees around it giving it that California feel. 
It was just a really exciting night already, so the game was the cherry on top!
Definitely something I won't forget.
I feel like I have to be a Dodgers fan for life now, since that was my first MLB game ;)

So excited to get club seats for FREE :)

Dodger Dog & souvenir cup
action shot



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