Thursday, September 25, 2014

See You at the Pole

"See You at the Pole" has been something that I always kinda took for granted when I was in school, especially private Christian school for elementary and middle school. I thought, "Why pray at the pole when we pray in class every day?" And even in high school, I would go, but I never really got too into it... I was saved and all of my friends knew it, but I wasn't a living, burning, PASSIONATE testimony for the Lord like I could've been.

Now I help lead FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) at the high school I teach at, and let me tell you, these kids are ON FIRE!!! We worked on planning See You at the Pole for weeks, and they were so excited to do it. It really touched my heart and made me feel ashamed of how much I took for granted when I was in school (and still do). Ashland, a fellow teacher and the leader of FCS did a fantastic job of heading it up but letting the kids organize it the way they wanted to, and supporting them in how the wanted to do it. The youth pastor from my church, Robert, came and brought Krispy Kremes for everyone, and leaders and a pastor from other churches came to support as well. 

We went in a circle and prayed, and I told my youth group last night, "I had an awesome prayer planned that was gonna make everyone cry, but by the time it was my turn, I was about to cry myself, so that didn't happen." But y'all, the reason I was almost in tears was because I was OVERWHELMED with joy at the prayers I was hearing from students, teachers, and even the school resource officer. These prayers were so earnest, so genuine, so precious. God was there. He was there with us, and those kids were SO inspirational to me. I am so proud to not only mentor them in FCS (Disclaimer: ****BEFORE and AFTER school hours****), but also to call them fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I cannot wait to see what they do this year and how they impact our school.
Heart full.


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