Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Report

Friday night
Dinner with my family at my favorite seafood restaurant. This is especially exciting because since Libby Hill closed and I don't work at a seafood restaurant anymore, I don't get it as often, and when I do, it's a BIG DEAL. :)

Also, saw Cinderella and oh my word it was wonderful. Extra money for the IMAX experience was totally worth it! 

Spent quality time with Emery.

Gym and shopping with my sister.
We realized Panda Express is also gone from Oak Hollow Mall before we shopped at two of the last stores standing. We almost cried.

ACC Championship game with my dad (detailed in a previous post).

More quality time with Emmadore. <3

Church / BBQ lunch at church.
Shopped at a different mall with my sister.
Took Emery on the greenway - it was a GORGEOUS day!!
Church afterglow at the rec center.
Spent some time with Granny. <3



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