Friday, April 4, 2014

An Angel Sent From Heaven

On the morning of November 22, 2013, I got up early and participated in a volunteer project in Boone. That evening, I sat in the ER at the hospital with Kacie as she waited to see what was going on with her (she's fine now :)). I ate dinner with Grace in Central Dining Hall. Grace and I went to see Catching Fire and it blew me away. I came back to the apartment and hung out with my brother, Taylor, and Tyler.
Little did I know that while I was going about my day, a precious litter of husky/lab mix babies was being born, and one of them was being sent just for me to find and love.
Three months ago today, Zach, Sarum, Jolina, and I went to look at those puppies. Our friend Litsa had told us about them - that they needed homes. A lady she worked with had them.
After being handed one of the puppies and holding her shivering body in the cold air and having her precious brown eyes look up at me and melt my heart, there was no way on Earth I could leave empty-handed. I knew I didn't have a place for her to live, but I knew I had to get her somewhere warm. I wanted to take all of her brothers and sisters too! :(
It killed me to see the mama husky watch us take her baby away, but as I rode in the back seat with Jolina and the puppy, I was ecstatic. This furry baby wrapped in a towel was in for a lifetime of being photographed, fed, walked, dressed up, and loved. She had no idea where she was going, but she trusted us and fell asleep in my arms.
I named her Emery.
Emerald Anastasia.
Coincidentally (or not?), we have the same monogram :)
We spent that day buying things for her at Petsmart, bathing her, sending pictures of her to our friends, and introducing her to Honeygirl and my family.

Needless to say, I was hooked from the start. I fell totally in love with this sweet puppy. Zach gave her a great place to live for the time being and she is well taken care of by both of us.
At first, not all the puppies found homes, and we got really worried, so Zach took another one, and shortly after, the rest got adopted, thankfully! My friend and sorority sister Sarah got one!
Two was a bit much to handle, so my friend Holly took one because she had really wanted one and they all got adopted. But while they lived together, Emery and Cammie slept together at night :)

^ Cammie
Very shortly after Emery came into my life, Honeygirl passed away.
(( If you didn't read about that, you can read about it here:
Obviously, that was very devastating for my whole family. Honeygirl was a part of our family. She had been with us for 13 years.
Honestly, I would not have been able to get another dog after that happened, so it was really good that we got Emery before. She had a chance to meet that sweet angel before she got her wings.
To tell the truth, I probably would've gone crazy if it weren't for Emery. She's been a great distraction. I miss Honeygirl SO MUCH, but I'm determined to give Emery the best life she can possibly have, just like we did Honeygirl.




Emery and Cammie get to see each other often. :)
I'm so glad Holly got Cammie!
I dress Emery up and take way too many pictures of her. I treat her like a kid! I'm definitely one of "those people," whether anyone likes it or not. I believe that God gave us pets to make life that much more enjoyable and sweeter. Emery is SO much fun!




 Emery is a pure bundle of joy. Like I said, I don't know how I would've made it through these past few months without her. She has provided so much happiness in a soft, furry package. I love that girl with all my heart. I love watching her grow, and I'm just so excited to continue to do so, and to see what's in store for us.

God knows what we need, when we need it. His timing is always right. I thank Him for sending me the two cutest dogs I've ever seen -- one that I can look forward to seeing again one day, and one I can enjoy for as long as He lets me. :)


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