Thursday, April 17, 2014


I wanna share more of the fun and happy things I do, and so much awesome stuff has happened recently, but I will start with this past weekend.
This past weekend was pretty wonderful. On Saturday morning, I got to enjoy my first AXO Theta Rho Theta (alumnae chapter) event. We had brunch at Cracker Barrel. I got to meet some lovely ladies I hadn't met before and reunite with some I hadn't seen in too long! It was really nice.
I also got to see Brooke and her family and Lovelyn again, and got LC to go from crying to sleeping so sweetly. What an accomplishment! I love that baby.
On Saturday afternoon, I met some friends at the UNC spring game in Chapel Hill. The game did a good job of satisfying my craving for football. Football in the spring = :)
It was a super nice day. The weather was fabulous. It was a really fun day -- much needed. It was good to get away to somewhere besides HP or Boone. Not that I've been unhappy either place, by any means, but it's just nice to visit somewhere you don't get to go a whole lot! Especially somewhere as beautiful as Chapel Hill. I've always loved CH in the Spring. My middle school Latin class used to go there for convention in April! I've missed it. 
I got to spend a lot of time with my precious Huskador baby. I love her to pieces, and she just basks in the spring weather.
She currently really enjoys riding in my lap while I drive as we listen to Hillsong (she loves "Hosanna") and I pet her soft and sweet fur.

On Sunday, we had a really nice time eating our usual family lunch. We went to one of my favorite places (Rainbow - my grandma is part of the reason we all love it so much).
Later that afternoon, I got to meet the new baby of my friends Zak and Cursty. Baby Zaylen is precious. I didn't get a picture! But I can't wait to see him again soon.

On Monday evening, I got to go back to HPU to lead a little ceremony for the graduating girls of Alpha Chi Omega. Most of these were girls we started the chapter with, and so it was very special and hard to believe that they are already graduating! I had a lot of fun seeing everyone and it was neat to be able to be there for the first time as the alumnae chapter president. I love wearing my badge and pearls and getting dressed up :)

Sorority sisters, babies, a football game, good food...
It was a fab weekend spent with family and great friends!

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