Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#ootd For a Cause

Today is the day to wear blue for Autism awareness. Being in the field of education, this is pretty important to me. So I wore blue. I've worked with children with Autism and I know that life can be hard for them, but there are solutions out there for them. They are very smart, and often underestimated as people.

I'm also supporting another cause with a blue accessory. My blue bracelet with the elephant charm is a "Chavez for Charity" bracelet. Part of the proceeds from these cute beaded bracelets go to the organization co-founded by Matt Damon. This foundation helps bring clean water to people in Africa, Asia, and Central America. So many people in those areas die from diseases and illnesses related to drinking and using dirty water. I'm happy to support the cause!

I got my Chavez for Charity bracelet at my friend Litsa's boutique in downtown HP - Lily and Theo's Posh Pineapple! Get one today!

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