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Mean Girls Ten-Year Anniversary

April 30th, 2014 is the ten-year anniversary of Mean Girls.
I remember going to see the movie in theatres in 9th grade - 2004.
Alex, Katie and I dragged Garrett along on a Friday night to the theatre at Friendly.
Alex's dad took us to and from the movie in his sweet Ford Taurus (my dad had one too - all the cool dads did.)
From that day forward, Mean Girls was the talk of our lives.
Albeit, it's not the most appropriate movie, but it's so darn funny - we couldn't stop quoting the movie, and still can't! Ten years later, Chanelle is sending Mean Girls quotes to my phone from Los Angeles and Alex and I are reminiscing on all of our Mean Girls-related antics throughout high school and planning a Mean Girls 10-year anniversary viewing party for Saturday night.
"WE'RE SO OLD!!" we decided this morning.
It's so fun to look back though :)
Shortly after the movie came out, my friends and I decided that it would be a wonderful idea to wear skirts on Fridays and whoever didn't wear a skirt COULDN'T SIT WITH US!!!!!
I remember getting ON MY AOL EMAIL ACCOUNT and sending out emails on Thursday nights, reminding my friends to wear a skirt on Friday.
One Friday poor Chanelle wore shorts instead and I told her she couldn't sit with us. Thankfully I wasn't completely serious, and she sat with us anyway.
I've come a long way, I think hahahah...
On the first day of tenth grade, Chanelle went up to some poor, scared freshman boy and said "You're really pretty." He said thank you and she replied, "So you agree? You think you're really pretty??"
Alex and I were talking this morning about how in tenth grade for Spirit Week, we all dressed as Mean Girls characters. I was Gretchen Wieners. Alex was Karen. Holly was Cady Heron. Katie was Regina George (?? I think ??). We also kind of started a band called "The Plastics."
A couple years ago Chanelle and I watched Mean Girls 2... But nothing's the same as the original.

Yes, today, Chanelle is sending out Mean Girls quotes every hour in celebration of the day.

My pink for today:

Okay so Mean Girls isn't my favorite movie in the world, but it is kind of a big deal. It's hilariously funny, but girls really ARE mean! Especially in high school. At the end it teaches a good lesson, and by that time you've laughed and sympathized and have so much material to quote for the rest of your life. Case in point, me and my friends.
Happy Mean Girls Day.
Happy half birthday to me!


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