Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jumbled Up Recents

Very random things from lately; since I can't seem to get everything in order, I'm just gonna leave it at a semi-organized mess. 

So this first picture is from my FIRST Appalachian football game as an alumna! That was back in September and I went with some lovely friends and my brother, and for some reason I have this picture in here and not the rest, so I'm gonna add the rest later I guess... in a new/different post. 

Emery turned 10 months old in September! I cannot believe she's almost a year old. She's doing intermediate training classes at Petsmart and doing very well!!

Emery got to attend her first family birthday party when my dad turned 58 (?) last month!!! She loved the cake :)

I got to meet my cousins' ADORABLE kitten Elsa a couple weeks ago!

We recently had Spirit Week at school, and some of my wonderful co-workers and I dressed alike on Twin Day!

We've had sooo many GORGEOUS days lately... I've just had so much fun driving with my sunroof open under beautiful clear blue autumn skies and seeing the bright leaves against them and the weather's been so fabulous and it's just SO ENERGIZING!!!! I absolutely love this time of year!!

So those are just some highlights from recently... I've realized the more I blog regularly, the easier it is to keep from getting stressed, even if the posts aren't as organized as I'd like.


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