Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Thoughts Before Turning 26

At 3:51 a.m., I will turn 26 years old. 
In about two hours, I will have officially been on the earth for 26 years.

My first response to that is "Gross!!!" 
...because I had a hard enough time turning 25 and finally coming to terms with it.

But so many great things happened to me at 25. Many really hard things, too, but so many great things. Like:

I graduated from Appalachian State University.
I gained a furry companion that I've gotten to watch grow and now cannot imagine living without.
I got over my fear of huskies and labs, since I have both of those in one.
I became the president of the alumnae chapter of Alpha Chi Omega in my area.
I got to see Luke Bryan perform TWICE.
I strengthened family relationships.
I strengthened friendships.
I formed some wonderful new friendships.
I spent lots of quality time with the people I love.
I became the godmother of a precious baby that I love so much.
I attended my first NASCAR race.
I finally developed a love for contemporary Christian music.
I formed a dependency on a nightly cup of coffee.
I stopped drinking so much soda.
I spent most of my 25th year in the place that I like to refer to as "Heaven on Earth."
I learned and grew so much because of this place, where God met me and sustained me and opened my eyes to so many wonderful things.
I hiked on the Blue Ridge for the first time.
I went back to Disney World.
I got to be an extra in a *Nicholas Sparks* movie.
I joined a gym.
I got my first teaching job, (using both my major and my minor) and have gained so much from it already... 

[[ And so much more . . . ]]

So it was okay that I was 25... And now that I look back over the past year, I'm grateful and inspired and excited about what 26 will bring, even though I HATE how "26" sounds. 

I trust that God has so much planned for me for this next year, and I'm excited to see how He's gonna use me.

Google knows what's up. This happened right at 12 midnight!


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