Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Starting Birthday Week Off Right

Start of my birthday week...

On Sunday at church, Shelley and I both wore houndstooth and that was pretty cool.

Our church had its fall festival, open to the community, and it's always super fun. I had a great time with family and friends :)


On Monday, Ashley got her braces off!! 
It was a teacher workday, so I was able to take Granny to her dentist appointment and then we met Ashley and my mother at the orthodontist where Ashley was getting the metal taken out of her mouth and I got to see her beautiful smile when she came out!! 
The four of us went to eat at Kepley's, where an older man noticed my Appalachian shirt and started a conversation with me because he went there (the bond of the Blue Ridge stands strong) and when my mom and Granny walked up, my mom recognized him as her elementary school principal! Oh, HP. 
I thought that was pretty cool though. I love knowing everyone around town.

At school, I worked on lesson plans, grades, and my COLLEGE DOOR! 
Each teacher drew a college out of a basket (with the help of a coworker, I got Appalachian... ;) ) and we have to decorate our door with that school, posting minimum GPA requirements, majors offered, interesting facts, etc. I've been SO EXCITED to do my door for reasons I'm sure everyone could guess. I love / miss Appalachian, I love to decorate and paint, I love to promote my schools, etc etc. 
I'm also gonna do something for HPU on the wall beside my classroom even though there's a teacher who has HPU for her door. Just because. I love HPU too, and you can never do too much promoting for your university!

At Judgement House practice at church, I realized how much I was craving Tokyo Express, so this happened:

I got in a fabulous workout, and to top off my amazing Monday, I got to watch Dancing With the Stars from a treadmill at the gym and ran into some precious students at Walmart with my sister - one from FCS this year and one from when I student taught at Ledford. 


Tuesday was full of laughter, just like Monday. I love how my coworkers and students crack me up. Life is never dull.

After work, we painted pumpkins at Granny's house - Granny, Ashley, Kristin, Ellie, and I. 
In fact, I'm pretty sure I hosted my pumpkin painting party at my apartment for my Bible study in Boone exactly a year ago.
(Today one of my students asked me why I love pumpkins so much and I said "You ain't seen nothin yet. JUST WAIT TIL CHRISTMAS COMES!")

Granny also had us painting eggs that she had boiled tonight... Her favorite thing is dyeing eggs at Easter, so I guess she had to incorporate that. I went with it and made some spooky eggs bc 

Ellie and Granny were literally so precious painting their pumpkins and my heart was full and melting. 


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