Friday, October 24, 2014

Little Things This Week

Sunday was a gorgeous fall day and Emery looked so beautiful in the sun. I love sunny Sundays in the fall.

The best stress relief for me Wednesday night after a rough day, believe it or not, was taking my small group of middle school girls to hand out fall festival invitations. On the way, we jammed to One Direction, Neil Young (they didn't enjoy Neil Young), and Mariah Carey Christmas music. They told me to send Tim Tebow pictures of them because "no one can say no" to their faces. They casually told the lady at McDonald's that I was their mom. And I got asked, "Miss Beth, are you ever gonna get married?"
I love my middle school girls.

I mentioned that Wednesday was rough. Well I work with THE best people, and in the short time I've been at Andrews, some of them have become more than just coworkers; they've become good friends to me. I had a rough day the other day and found this ^^ in my mail box when I FINALLY checked it today. Julie is the bomb. She knows the way to my heart!

Emery turned ELEVEN months old this week and if it hadn't been such a struggle to get her to sit still and not eat the pumpkins while I took this picture, I would've been bawling my eyeballs out. Because next time I take her monthly picture, she will be a YEAR old and that will be the last one I post on social media (oh yes, I'm still gonna take them though!!). Time sure does fly. God made this precious baby just for me and I'm ever so thankful.

Happy weekend!! :)


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