Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Five

Since it's the last Friday in February, today's Friday Five features five fun things I've done this February
(how about that for alliteration??)
On February 1st, Zach and I celebrated our 2.5 years. We ate at Ruby Tuesday the night before, and being the kid that he is, Zach wrote on my plate with ketchup :)
We also started our morning workout routine on February 1st and had Waffle House after.

On the weekend of February 8th, our church had its annual DiscipleNow weekend, which is always very moving and powerful.  I was delighted to help out again, this year with high school girls. We always meet cool people from Liberty University and our youth group grows closer together and closer to God. The leaders get to bond as well! It was a great weekend, and we could definitely feel God's presence as He moved among us.
Also that weekend, Granny, Ashley, Zach and I went to the circus! I feel like I'll never be too old for the circus. It's still the greatest show on Earth to me! The tigers and elephants are my favorite. I'm so fascinated by them! And all the colorful lights... Yes I'm a kid at heart. Not ashamed! Love the circus. We had a great time.

Last weekend, I got to go to my third Rascal Flatts concert! It was a spontaneous decision that my friend Meghan and I made, and we dragged our boyfriends along (haha). At the concert, we ran into Callie and her cousin Maggie! The Flatts put on a great concert as usual, and it made me think of my very first RF concert SEVEN Februarys ago (WOW). I will never, ever get tired of Gary Levox's voice and "Fast Cars and Freedom" will ALWAYS be my favorite country song!! It was amazing.

And also this past weekend, Carmen, Katherine and I made an impromptu trip to Wilmington! Partly inspired by Safe Haven, the day-and-a-half trip was relaxing and fun. I had never really spent much time in Wilmington, so it was cool to see what it was all about. We walked around UNCW (I'd never been there before), ate some yummy food, and got to briefly see the beach! We also got interviewed by the local newspaper while we were on the beach. We stayed with Carmen's sister and her cute kids, who live there. It was a fun, quick trip!
Those are only five great things that happened this month. As usual, I have a lot of catching up to do! My next post will be all about my wonderful Valentine's Day, and I will have to blog about Safe Haven, because when I say I'm obsessed, that's a gross understatement.
Happy weekend!!

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