Thursday, February 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

"Throwback Thursday" could technically just be a "Memory of the Day," so I'm confusing and frustrating myself. Let's just do it this way:
Every Thursday, I find a random picture or two and write about it. That will be "Throwback Thursday."
For "Memory of the Day" blogs, I will write about bigger events in my life, and these will be on random days when I feel like writing other than Thursday.
(Just trying to get my blog life organized.)
With that being said, I'll continue with my TBT post.
About two years ago (give or take a few days), Zach and I went to Four Seasons mall in Greensboro to just spend a day shopping and walking around.
We went in one store that had tons of cute stuff, including letter magnets. So Zach, being the creative and sweet person that he is, decided to make a cute little acrostic-type thing:
It was a super fun day. I love shopping with Zach.
Also for Throwback Thursday, I'm remembering the time that Nina (( ))
came to visit us in HP! We had so much fun. This was 2 years ago and some change (January 2011).
We went to Steak n Shake, played games like "Would You Rather" and "Make it or Break It," her ad Chanelle came to a one-act show I worked on at HPU, we obviously went to Feeney's with Boots and  Alex (and my sister),
and other fun things!
Oh what fun :)


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  1. We had one of those randomly wander around the malls day the other week and it was wonderful!