Friday, February 1, 2013


February 1st!
February 1st is gonna be my "New Year" ...meaning starting today I'm gonna get serious about doing the things I want/need to do this year. The first thing I'm gonna do is start getting up before 10:30 every day (or most days at least...some days ARE good for sleeping in...). I'm already doing well with some of my resolutions, but January is kind of a recovery month for me and my post-Christmas depression, so February is a good time to get serious.
This February 1st also means that Zach & I have been dating for two and a half years!
We celebrated a bit tonight by going to eat :)
For some reason, I just love the first of every month. Like I love the fact that my phone says
"Fri Feb 1."
It's not only a FRIDAY, but the first day of the month.
And I feel like it's gonna be a good one!
I'm not good with change, but I really like a fresh start with months.
If that makes sense.
.......probably not.

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