Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Day!

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On Valentine's Day during the day, a few of us from our newly formed Bible study group ( Sarum, Carmen, Kevin, Zach, and I) got the pleasure of taking candy, cards, and flowers to elderly widows, including Zach's grandmother and great-grandmother and my Granny. It was so sweet to see their reactions and hang out with them a little bit.
Later that evening, Zach brought flowers to my house, gave me the cutest box of candy and stuffed dog, and took me to J&S (FAVORITE) to eat dinner. It was very yummy. Then we went to Putt Putt! [[All of this was a surprise...I had told him the only thing I HAD to do was see Safe Haven.]]
Putt Putt was really fun, and after that we went to starbucks before seeing Safe Haven.
It was wonderful and I'm so obsessed [[In fact, I'm gonna dedicate a whole post to it soon!]].
We had a great Valentine's Day. I love surprises, and Zach even made this little chart for when we played Putt Putt and for each hole-in-one I got, I'd get a "prize" like free dinner or a BELK GIFT CARD! Unfortunately, my Putt Putt skills were rusty because we hadn't played since the summer, so I only got 2 hole-in-ones as opposed to the usual 18.
Zach and I also got each other fill-in-the-blank "what I love about you" books. We saw them at Barnes & Noble one day and had to get them! We didn't fill in ALL the blanks in each one, because it will be fun to fill them in here and there :)
Zach with the card I made him :)


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