Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Day in Boone

On Monday, I got to spend a few hours in Boone, after not having gone since the first of December. It was my friend Angela's first time in Boone (that she can remember - she went when she was really young), and we had a great time. We had some good conversation on the way up, got to see my brother and a couple friends, met my coworker/friend Julie and her mom for lunch, and went into some of the stores downtown.
It was so good to be back, even for a few hours. It calmed my soul like it always does.

Me, my mom, sister, and a family friend went to a church on Saturday night and the pastor said he loved the mountains because at a certain altitude, he feels more connected with his soul and with the Lord.
My eyes began to tear up and I thought, "This guy gets me!"

There's just something about being 3,333 feet above sea level and feeling the wellness in my soul.

"Man will move mountains for the mountains that move men."


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