Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

I've always been "tardy to the party" for EVERYTHING, like chronically, and I try to make this resolution a reality every year, but I'm still struggling. So now is the time to make it happen before it really ruins my life! Haha

2) Spend lots of time with my puppy.
Give Emery the best and most enjoyable life possible. We're approaching the anniversary of Honeygirl's passing, and one thing I was really thankful for after she passed was the immense amount of time I'd spent with her in her later years.

3) Meet Tim Tebow.
Self- explanatory.

4) Finish my book.
I'm writing a memoir, and I want to get it published!

5) Get a good start on my book series about Emery.
She gon' be famous.

6) Go on an adventure. 
Something stimulating that's kinda spontaneous and VERY enjoyable. Last year it was driving to Disney World.

7) Blog more.
Doing a good job of that already! :)

8) Get up earlier on days I don't have to work. 
I HATE WASTED TIME!!!! Love to be productive. Make the most of life!

9) Get a six pack (and I'm not talking about drinks).

10) Be more intentional about being thankful.
Show my family and friends how much I appreciate them.
Thank God for more than I ask Him for.

11) Be in constant prayer.
I text some of my friends all day, every day. I talk to people all the time. Why shouldn't I talk to my Heavenly Father just as much, AND EVEN MORE?! He's the reason we are all here!


Friends, help hold me accountable for these!


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