Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Little Things / Happy February

I woke up this morning and thought, "Ughh, this is the first Monday I've had to teach in WEEKS! It's gonna be so hard!" ...and it was. But today was also filled with blessings. 

Some of these might sound cheesy or cliche, but I'll run that risk because two of my New Year's resolutions were to blog more and to be more thankful for the little things. So again, I'll knock out two at once.

*I'm thankful for a JOB!
*I'm thankful for the awesome co-workers I've grown close to :)

*I'm thankful for the awesome group of kids and adults I get to talk about Jesus with at Fellowship of Christian Students at work. Today we had a wonderful meeting and it made my heart smile. Those kids are on fire!

*I'm thankful for the awesome L.I.F.E. group I've joined and the time we had tonight, sharing and supporting each other. I love making new friends but feeling like we've been friends for a while because we can talk so openly about the Lord.

*I'm thankful for a new phone // the ability to take pictures and download apps like Pandora and YouTube (I told you, I'm gonna be mentioning little things!).

*I'm thankful for blueberry bagels and cinnamon cream cheese.

*I'm thankful for sweatpants.

*I'm thankful for Emery (surprise!)

*I'm thankful for the hope I have in Jesus because He is THE reason we have hope at all. When it seems like everything is unraveling, it's time to make sure I'm completely anchored to Him.

We discussed at FCS this afternoon the fact that sometimes we are in a situation and we can only see the small picture - the problem. But the reality is, we are part of something much greater than us, and God has a bigger picture plan for us! When we are of the mindset that we belong to something greater, it's much easier to always have a positive and hopeful outlook. Our hope shouldn't be in worldly things or people. Nothing less than the blood and righteousness of the Ruler of the Universe. So awesome.

Happy February!


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