Monday, February 23, 2015

The Week That You Change Your Life

I used this for my "#MondayMotivation" for my classes today. I put it on the PowerPoint slide with their warm-up. I do that every Monday, and sometimes we talk about the quote and sometimes I don't get to it. But I like to have it there for them to read and think about, if nothing else.
Today I used this quote because I feel like for high schoolers especially, they tend to hang onto things and let things from the past (even if it was last week) bother them. Then it starts to affect their attitude and performance in class and before you know it, there's a problem.
But then I got to thinking about it, and it's just like what's in the post I wrote the other day about not tripping over something that's behind you. We all need help with this, not just high schoolers. I'm preaching to myself when I say, use a Monday to be a fresh start or the beginning of a new perspective. Don't just dread Monday and when you wake up, immediately want to go back to bed (like I did this morning)...
Mondays can be really hard, but if you see them as opportunities to start something new to better yourself, they look just a tad bit better. And then you won't trip over things that are behind you.
If last week was horrible, leave it at last week! Determine that this week is going to be nothing like last week - that it's gonna be so much better.
What are you gonna do to make it better?
What made last week bad?
How can you change your perspective to see this week in a positive way no matter what happens?
Can you focus on being thankful for even the tiniest things this week?
Can you work on being friendlier?
Can you try to be more productive?
This is hard for me right now because it's Monday and I don't feel good and we were out of school all last week and it was hard coming back to school! But I'm gonna figure out at least one thing that I can do this week to make it a great week.
Who's with me?!


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