Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tech Candy - My Favorite Phone Cases

I just upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a 5s. I guess I could've gone with the 6 or 6 Plus, but I don't really ever get the "latest and greatest" of anything... I'm kind of slow when it comes to that kind of thing :)
Plus, any way I can save money, I do, and I know the 5s is a good phone, and going from the 4 to the big 6 or huge 6 Plus would've been a significant jump!
Anyway, I needed cases for my new phone. One of the saddest things about getting a new phone was thinking about all the beautiful iPhone 4 cases I have that I'll never be able to use again! (I think I will frame them and maybe one day sell them to a museum.)

The best cases I had for my 4 were from Tech Candy, so I knew right away I wanted my new ones to be from there as well. I've never owned an Otter Box because I really like to switch up my cases, and these Tech Candy cases are pretty protective. My old phone went all over the country with me in that kind of case and was fine (knock on wood).

I went to the TC website
and ordered the following three sets:

Image result for tech candy cadet tortoise

Image result for tech candy phone cases

I really loved the new tortoise shell look - those are the new, featured cases in the line. And I thought the purple and gold and white was pretty, especially for football and basketball games (purple is the color of my undergrad alma mater; yellow, my grad school alma mater).
The tortoise or white parts are the hard protective part and the colored parts are the silicone protective parts. So they're good phone cases! And you can use any soft part with any hard part, so they're interchangeable, which, for me, provides endless opportunity to have a "different" look on my phone all the time hahah.
My cases came yesterday!
I'm very excited.
I realized you can also order select Tech Candy cases on different websites at discounted prices (Nordstrom Rack is one). I would be mad at myself for just now finding that out, but I did have a coupon code that I used at checkout on the Tech Candy website, so I saved a lot of money. But you can just search discounted Tech Candy cases and find where they are.

These were the ones I had for my precious little iPhone 4:

Image result for tech candy phone cases

Image result for tech candy phone cases
I got them at Altard State the day I got my first iPhone two years ago. They were very good to me :)


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