Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snowy Festivities February 2014 #throwback

I realized today that I started this post over a year ago and never finished it, which is a shame, because this is such a carefree and sweet memory - I wish I'd written about it when it happened instead of just sticking the pictures on here, saving it, and promising myself I'd finish it later.

Anyway, last year at about this time (actually it was early February), we had a snow(ice)storm a lot like the one we are in the middle of right now. I was in Boone, and we did some really fun things while we were "snowed in" and didn't have to work or go to class.

We worked on Valentine crafts and getting ready for the "single ladies Valentine's party" we had on Valentine's Day...

We celebrated Jennifer Aniston's 45th birthday by watching He's Just Not That Into You.

We drove out to a Christmas tree farm in Ashe County and took in the view and the silent, beautiful majesty of untouched snow in God's Country...

I FaceTimed with my little snow bunny, who was back in HP...

I decided to accept the "snow challenge," which meant jumping in the snow in shorts and a tank top and videoing it. I can honestly say I've never been so cold, but once I thawed out, I got REALLY hot and thought I was going to die. So there's that.

The "Snowpocalypse" of 2014 made for one of my fondest memories in Boone (there are so many!). Looking at these pictures makes me so happy :)


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