Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"I Couldn't Do It"

I decided in high school I wanted to become a teacher.

I got to about my senior year of college (fifth year, at that), and decided that I didn't want to be a teacher anymore.
It was too late.

I went to graduate school right after college to avoid teaching for two more years.

I got a teaching job the summer after graduate school.

People congratulated me, but most kept saying,
"More power to you - I couldn't do it."

This scared the mess out of me. I was literally terrified out of my mind.

Now, when I tell people I am a teacher, they still say, "More power to you - I couldn't do it!!!"
But the difference today is that I have 2.5 years under my belt and it's been such a blessing. It's challenging, yes. But today, thinking about what I'm thankful for (because it's November and Thanksgiving is coming up, duhhhhh), I can't help but be so thankful for my job and for the experiences it has awarded me.

It goes way beyond teaching The Great Gatsby or getting them ready for the state exam. It even goes beyond teaching them how to write a research paper!

I'm thankful for the girl that wants to teach me how to properly do wing eyeliner.

I'm thankful for the guy who talks a lot of trash to me about the Tarheels.

I'm thankful for the kid that came to me and asked my advice because she's starting a blog.

I'm thankful for the ones who make me laugh and write me notes and give me a hard time and the ones who are hesitant to learn and the ones that are eager to learn and the ones that struggle and the ones that don't.

If you had asked me ten years ago where I wanted to be right now, it's right here, exactly where I am.

Not forever, but for right now it's perfect. :)

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