Monday, March 4, 2013

Ashley's 14th Birthday!

Saturday was Ashley's 14th birthday!
I was a little emotional about this because 14 was such an important age for me.
My 14th birthday was probably one of the best I've had.
And I'm hoping that this time next year Ashley will be able to say that 14 was a fabulous year of growth, happiness, and joy.
I still can't believe Ashley is 14. It blows my mind. It really does seem like just yesterday, we were at the hospital, eating grilled cheese and drinking lemonade in the cafe, waiting for her to be born. I was satisfied, knowing I was getting what I had wanted for so long - a baby sister. My life would be complete - a little brother AND a little sister. I was the happiest girl in the world.
I've gotten to watch Ashley grow from a tiny baby into a beautiful little teenager. She's wise beyond her years, funny beyond belief, and a bundle of joy to all she encounters.
God has blessed me so much.
I prayed and prayed for a little sister to dress up, go shopping with, take to the movies, drive places with, laugh and talk with, share secrets with...
I got all that and more. :)
On Saturday morning, Ashley and I went to Sweet Shoppe Bakery and got cookies, brownies, and a cupcake :)
Then we went to Belk's and got like $200 worth of jewelry for $35 (no big deal).
My mom took her shopping next, and they had lunch together too.
I worked to finish the gifts I made for her.
For dinner, we all went to eat at Ruby Tuesday - Mama, Daddy, Michael, Ashley, Granny, Ashley's friend Abby, Zach, and me.
We had a great time, and afterward, we came home for Ashley to open her gifts.
She got some great stuff!
I made her a jewelry box, had a photo collage made, gave her some books, a dress, a pair of zebra print Toms, a journal, and some other stuff. Zach gave her a sparkly cross necklace!
sneak peek of the inside of the jewelry box

That's not the birthday girl!.....

There we go.



Happy 14 Ashley!

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