Monday, March 11, 2013

Now That We Found Love, What Are We Gonna Do With It? (Part 1)

This will probably be the first of like a 5-part series of blogs on this topic. Bear with me, because my thoughts are jumbled and disorganized at the moment.

There is a song by the late rapper "Heavy D" who passed away last year. It is called "Now That We Found Love." I first heard it at the end of the movie Hitch in tenth grade. It wasn't until recently that I downloaded it. It's a good song.
Now to the point of this blog.
We had two wonderful people come to my church and speak to our youth group a few weeks ago. These two people are awesome bloggers and have written a book called Book of Matches. It is a book about finding and keeping healthy relationships.
[[ Relationships like girl/boy - not mother/daughter, father/son, father/daughter, cat/owner.........etc. ]]
When I heard these authors were coming, I got super excited. I'll be the first to admit, I mess up. A lot. In relationships. I'm quick to point fingers, impatient, I lose my temper quickly, etc. So I needed this kind of lesson.
Of course, the speakers were amazing. I talked to them after. I bought their book. I follow their blogs. I left church that night totally inspired. And the words that kept running through my mind that night were "now that we found love, what are we gonna do with it?"
Good question!
So I've written a little about finding a godly relationship
(and I plan on writing more at some point soon)

[[[And just so everyone knows, I don't even really know what I'm doing (reassuring, right?)... ]]]
I'm just navigating through life and doing the best I can.
I'm praying fervently and trying to make the best decisions in each situation.
I'm messing up every single day, asking for forgiveness, and promising to do better.

So now that we've found love, what are we gonna do with it?


This is SO hard, because as humans, we take everything for granted.
(Don't get me started...that's for a different post at a different time! Hah)

Please tell me how you can find someone who is completely perfect for you and you know that God sent you that person because you've been praying and waiting for years and you've committed to purity and he has too and you both have so much fun together and God is at the center of your relationship but you can STILL take him for granted?

How does that happen?
But we can't let this happen.

Now that we've found love, we have to cherish it. We have to realize how special it is and we have to show grace and mercy, just like Christ shows us.

We have to treat each other how we want to be treated.

We have to forgive and forget.

We have to be supportive of each other.

We have to pray together every day.

Now that we've found love, we're going to pray together every single day because a God-centered relationship is what we both desire, and that's the only way this is going to work for us.
And with God's help, we can get through anything and come out stronger than ever before.

*These are random ramblings and little thought-lets that are coming into my mind at about 3:30 am. If any of this makes sense, it might be a miracle.

**I'm also not talking about any specific situation, but just generally speaking what's been laid on my heart to type.

***There WILL be more later, when I've organized my thoughts a wee bit more :)


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