Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Weekend (Plus Monday)

I had a fabulous weekend!
On Friday, I got to eat lunch with Zach at my FAVORITE place, J&S.
Then I rode with Meghan to a store in Elon called All That Jas.  It's a sorority/fraternity store and I've been wanting to go there for over a year and never made it.  Luckily, Meghan needed to go, and we needed to hang out and catch up, and it just worked out perfectly!
Elon is a GORGEOUS town, especially in the spring, and All That Jas is on Elon University's campus. It sits on the most adorable little street. The street was lined with trees that were covered in pink and white blooms. I felt like I was in a Nicholas Sparks novel.
It was a perfect afternoon. The drive on the interstate was perfect. It was super sunny and I got really excited for summer.
That night, Brooke and I helped out with the Cotillion Grand Spring Ball at the HP Country Club.  It's for middle schoolers, and Brooke's sister Lexie was one of the students. She looked beautiful! It was so much fun. Everyone looked so nice! And of course, Brooke and I got asked if we were sisters. The norm. ;)

Saturday night, our awesome Bible study group had a dinner & game party, and it was a blast. I laughed so much. Good times with great friends :)
Sunday was verrrry relaxing.  I joined the youth at church for their Sunday school.  Church was awesome, we saw living proof of answered prayers, and we had a BBQ lunch at church after the service.
After eating, Zach and I went to the mall because he needed new jeans.  While in Belk's, we got some cups and plates (extremely adorable ones, I might add...and I will post pics soon!!!) for the apartment that my brother, Kacie, and I are moving into in August. YAY!
I ate with my family, ran to Walgreens with Ashley, read some of The Notebook, and then we had Bible study at Zach's, followed by some more fun friend time and hanging out with Granny.
Yesterday in class, we got the wonderful opportunity to meet the author of a book we just read - Blue. Joyce Hostetter is a very inspirational lady, and the book is an amazing historical fiction account of the polio outbreak in Hickory, NC in the 1940s and how well the city responded to it.
I was even more inspired to write books after last night. I love love love talking with authors about their work. I even got a copy of the book, and Joyce signed it.
I left class feeling very happy and inspired :)
 Got some Taco Bell with Carmen after class. Fast food is good. It's also good to have a buddy who's down for a fast food run at absolutely any time. Good food, good talks.
I cannot wait to tell you what they're for :)
Stay tuned!
Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!

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