Friday, March 22, 2013

Five for Friday!

It's tiiiiiiiiime ... for FRIDAY FIVE!
What I'm loving this week:
The Safe Haven soundtrack is SO mellow, so relaxing, so comforting. I don't usually even listen to a whole lot of this kind of music, but I have fallen in love with these songs. Maybe I'm opening myself up to new artists?!
My two favorite songs on the soundtrack are "Say Anything" by Tristan Prettyman and "Hearts Content" by Brandi Carlile.

Old Navy eyelet dresses!! These are only $25 until the end of March, and I may have bought a couple this week ;)
I think it was a good investment, because they are classy, timeless, look good with cardigans, can be paired with pretty much any kind of shoe, endless accessorization (is that a word?) possibilities, so colorful, flirty, and feminine... Yeah.

Altar'd State is one of the coolest stores I've ever been in. There's one at Friendly Center in Gboro, and when you go in, you first notice the abundance of the cutest, most feminine and sweet clothes ever (assuming you haven't been there before, and don't know anything about it, like my first time going there). As you walk through and look at the clothing and accessories, you notice something - they are playing Christian music.
If you look closely at the decorations, you notice that this is a God-centered store. And even cooler - on all the clothes that are AS brand, there is a tag that says that a portion of the proceeds from all AS-brand purchases will go to feed, clothe, and educate hungry children. What a great idea!
My favorite part of AS is their dressing room. Not only is it gorgeous, but there are chairs and a table and an open book where you can write prayer requests! So anyone who comes in after you can see what you wrote and pray for you.
You can see why Carmen and I are obsessed.

 Finger Paints' "Art District Delight."
This is the nail color I've been wearing this week, and I've really enjoyed it. It's an older color. I've had it for a while. But I love a good neutral color sometimes. It's good to mix up bright and bold with neutral and sweet.

And last but not least, my new TOMS!
I bought a pair of the yellow stitchout Toms. I searched and searched for the perfect yellow pair (because they had to be yellow with that verse on them!), and finally found the most perfect ones.
On Sunday evening, I put the little designs and the verse on them.
This is my FIRST pair of Toms :)
Happy Friday!

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