Monday, September 21, 2015

Favorite Songs Right Now

1. How Country Feels - Randy Houser
So good.

2. We Went - Randy Houser
I'm trying to listen to more Randy Houser because he's opening for Luke Bryan on Saturday AND I'M GOING! It's gonna be so amazing :)
I didn't know "We Went" until Grace told me to listen to it last night and now I can't stop.

3. Gonna Know We Were Here - Jason Aldean 

4. When She Says Baby - Jason Aldean 
Because Jason Aldean is always appropriate and I've been on a serious country kick since Spirit Week last week because our mascot is the COWBOYS!

5. Want to Want Me - Jason Derulo / Luke Bryan
If you haven't seen the video for this, please YouTube it.

6. Cheyenne - Jason Derulo 
For over a month, I've been obsessed. I still can't stop listening to it. In fact, the next dog I get will be named Cheyenne.

7. Another Night - Real McCoy
SO random... It popped up on Spotify last week and I had a flashback of doing warmups and stretching to this song and similar songs in the 90s when I was a wee one in dance class.
I never really even liked it til last week and now it's on repeat.

8. Tell it to My Heart - Taylor Dayne 
I can thank one of the girls at church for this - at our weekend retreat, we had a lip synch battle, and she chose this song and BEASTED it. I don't know if I was more impressed at her hilarious performance or the fact that she even chose this song.
I promptly added it to my Spotify playlist.

9. Brother - NeedToBreathe ft. Gavin DeGraw 
Since the summer. I just can't get enough. I've always loved Gavin, and I recently got into NeedToBreathe, and the lyrics are just amazing. And I love my brother so yeah.

10. Before the Throne of God Above - Sojourn or Selah
Praise! I've been needing some new worship music, and this song keeps popping up everywhere and now I'm in love with it. Just so good.

So if you were just dying to know, that's what I'm listening to most right now.


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