Saturday, September 26, 2015


It's only 45 minutes past Friday, so I'm going to do my first "Friday Five" in a while.

1. I wasn't sure if I would like Pumpkin Spice Oreos, but I bought a pack, ate one, and before I knew it, a whole row was gone.
(I really haven't eaten Oreos in years, but for the past month I've been eating two packs a week... I guess I'm just on a kick right now.)

2. This mascara is my BFF. It's cheap and the best I've ever used. Bought a new tube this week, so my eyelashes have been on fleeeeeeeeek!

3. This is my absolute favorite perfume, and has been for two years now. It's my go-to fall scent, I guess because I first started wearing it in fall of '13 at a bachelorette weekend in Charlottesville, VA, and then to football games at Appalachian, so whenever I wear it, I feel like it's GAME DAY, even if I'm just teaching English for five hours :)

4. My current favorite Yankee Candle scent!! Jessica and I hit up the Yankee Candle store yesterday and did some damage. I just love this fall scent... it reminds me of flannel and mountains and literally, crisp, cool morning air.
I got some of the wax to melt in my classroom, and it smelled so great all day today.

I've been listening to him all week, because I'm going to see him tomorrow in Raleigh, rain or shine!
I'm sooo stoked!

Happy weekend!


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