Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Just What I Needed

So last week was a trying week... it was a short week because of Labor Day, but it was a heavy and somber one. I was longing to just get to Boone. I hadn't been in a month, and it was time to go back. I have to get my monthly (or bimonthly) fixes.

I wrote in a post the other day how when I drove into Boone, my spirits immediately lifted. A feeling of lightness came over me when I got into Boone around 11 Friday night. I went through the McDonald's drive through and got coffee and then went over to Grace's apartment. There was a chill in the air (okay, it was FREEZING) and my black coffee smelled and tasted so good and everything seemed perfect.
Grace and I sat in her room, lit by candles and Christmas lights, and talked about life and Jesus for a long time. It was so relaxing, and so necessary. It's so good to just talk to a good friend about anything and everything. My soul felt at peace!!

On Saturday morning, my brother and I had brunch at Boone Bagelry (LOVE) and got ready and went to Blowing Rock and met up with Taylor and her family, and later Grace joined us!
We walked around downtown Blowing Rock, and I tweeted "I'm so happy to be in Blowing Rock I have tears in my eyes" hahaha... but really. My soul just felt right. I was so content and joyful in the crisp air in the tiny little town of Blowing Rock, with all the tourists and fall leaves and smell of the candle making shop and the fudge shop.

We watched some of the HORRID Clemson / Appalachian game. I got some new sunglasses (TOMS), we ate at Town Tavern...

Me, Grace, and Michael went paddle boating at the Chetola Resort. The water was so beautiful and it was just a perfect day. I love to go out there and paddle boat and think about life. We did that a few times right before I moved back home from Boone.

Later in the evening, we heard about the Avery County Fair and decided to go. Avery County is a tiny county right by Watauga County (where Boone is). My brother did his internship in Avery County this past summer, and is familiar with the area and many of the people, so we decided to go!

It was the tiniest and cutest county fair I have ever seen in my life. My heart was so freaking happy.
We kept saying what a perfect day it was.
The weather was perfect.
The company was perfect.
My sense of peace was perfect.
The mountains are perfect.
The sky was perfect.
The sweet farm animals were perfect.
The colored fair lights were perfect.
The ferris wheel ride was perfect.
The laughter was perfect.
Our pictures were perfect.
The fried Oreos at the fair were beyond perfect.
God's timing is perfect.






















We went and had sushi after the fair.
My brother and I went to church the next morning at Harvest House.
We had a yummy Asian lunch.

This weekend was just what I needed.


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