Sunday, September 13, 2015

Why I Don't Live in Boone Anymore

This morning at church in Boone, the pastor was talking about letting our Love for Christ trickle down the mountain and into the valleys like water forming little pools. He said whatever happens on the mountain automatically goes down into the valleys. The valleys are the surrounding cities in North Carolina and wherever we go in the world.

I think I realized this morning why I'm not permanently in Boone anymore. When I got to Boone on Friday night, my spirits immediately lifted. Last week was a really really hard week, and I just longed to be in boone the whole time, thinking that Boone would heal everything like it always has. Well, I was in a terrible mood Friday afternoon until I got to Boone that night. The minute my car hit Boone I immediately got in a wonderful mood and was so happy. I told Grace, "maybe this means I should be here all the time, if I'm so happy here..." And I was happy. I was so happy. We had a fabulous weekend. I'll write more about it later. But here's what I realized; this is what I think now while I'm driving home from Boone, reflecting on the weekend and the church service this morning:

Boone was a place for me to be, where I was safe and could grow, for a certain portion of my life. The year that I spent in Boone is likely the only time that I will actually live there, and as much as it hurts to not be there all the time anymore, I know that God has other plans for me. I've tried hard to have the opportunity to live there again and God keeps saying no! I believe that now, Boone is a place for me to go to recharge. To relax. And escape for when life gets to be a little too much, too overwhelming. A place where I can go to pray and find clarity.  A place I can go to forget my current situation for a while. I don't think I would be happy living there all the time anymore because God has work for me to do in the valleys now. He needs me out of my comfort zone. I learned so much and grew so much in my time on the mountain, and now it is time to continue to take what I learned into the valleys, as I've been doing for the past year. The memories I have from living in Boone are invaluable and I will always cherish them. I will always go back as often as I can to recharge and relax, but now I am officially ready to go wherever God leads me. I want to take my mountaintop experience and share it with the world. I cannot keep it to myself. 

When you are constantly growing, you cannot remain complacent. God won't even let you if you try.


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